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I was messing around with photo editing and I accidentally overlayed Dylan Klebold’s face onto Eric Harris’ and as a result this happened.

I was messing around with photo editing and I accidentally overlayed Dylan Klebold’s face onto Eric Harris’ and as a result this happened.

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I’m sorry. I said I was done associating myself with this, but who in the world wakes up one day and decides it would be funny to lie to someone about being underage, and then goes on to make an account on a social networking site to exploit the idea that the person is a sex predator, as well as posting videos involving their nudity without their consent?

Because I’ve never woken up one day and thought that would be funny.

I think his reaction was wrong, as stated previously. But you know, he didn’t actually do anything illegal (according to what I’ve seen so far), and that’s what makes this whole situation a complete and utter fuckery.

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv2.tumblr.com stated Alice is 18, and then deleted it. I would just like to say that before anyone tells me she isn’t 18. :)

chloe is alice rosemary, that's just an online psuedonym she uses as a living doll thing for her facebook. she told him she was 15 to see if he would really take the bait, which she did. she showed me pictures of his dick months ago and gave me all the chatlogs but wasnt sure if she should release them because it would generate too much drama too soon. in all honestly, we both thought it was pretty fuckin hilarious. just waited for the opportune moment to leak this info is all.

Okay. I find this whole thing ridiculous. I think it was an awful thing for him to react that way if she had actually been 15. But truth of the matter is, she isn’t, she’s 18 and it’s wrong that anyone would exchange ‘sexual’ messages with another human being in order to receive knowledge about a past experience in their life that was as emotionally scarring as Columbine. 

She was mature enough to know better. So was he. Both people were wrong,  and I no longer have anything to do with this. 

Thank you for notifying me.

Who is CherryPoppies?

Firstly, the girl has been referred to by two different names. Chloe and Alice. During her conversation with Brooks Brown, she stated she was 18 and her name was Alice, before telling him she was 15, which is were the whole ‘brooks is a pedo’ idea came from.

I searched the tag through her old URL (lilspearstar) and found this post;


She states she’s the same age as the user, drdogballs.

So, I went on his tumblr, which is now inactive. He posted a link to his new tumblr, where I asked him of his age;


So, the girls name is either;



Her age is either;



I am sorry if this offends, but I would like to know the truth before I see serious accusations being made about another human being. I am not saying they are true, or they are not true. I am saying, I don’t know, because all I can see in this is complete dishonesty and wrongs of both halves.

Top 3 Favourite Mclennon Fanfics (Reposted because Red Hall link wasn’t working)

McLennon is awesome, friendship wise and romantically. 

I’d like to recommend the controversial Red Hall. There’s some triggers though, so I’d check up on them before you start reading. Just so no one gets hurt.





No Such Thing As Bad Weather




Musicians and Sunglasses

Kurt Cobain;


Bob Dylan;


John Lennon;


Rae, you don’t need a dad because you have Kester, and he’s probably cared about you more than your dad ever has.